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Christian Education in Indianapolis

Christian Education in Indianapolis

Christian Education in IndianapolisChristian Education in Indianapolis

Fine Arts



BTCS believes that every student should be exposed to the fine arts of good music and the elements which go together to make exceptional music happen.  Music classes offered to all ages from Pre K3  - 4th Grade with instruction about music theory, composers, rhythm and movement.

Students perform throughout the school year: Grandparents Day, Christmas Carol Sing-Along, Chapel presentations, and Awards Night.



Students learn proper singing posture, how to match pitch, identify musical concepts, melodic direction, harmony, unique timbres, organized sound, and the role of music in building character in worship and understanding other works of art.

BTCS 4th - 6th Grades meet twice weekly



Musicals are performed by students in Grades 1-6 in early November as part of our Grandparents Day festivities. 

  • Willy Wonka Jr. - 2019
  • Alice in Wonderland, Jr. - 2018
  • 101 Dalmatians - 2017
  • Rats! - 2016
  • Annie, Jr. - 2015
  • Beauty and the Beast - 2014
  • Hansel and Gretel - 2013
  • The Nightingale - 2012
  • Rats! - 2011



Offering a sound like no other instrument, hand chimes fulfill important functions such as the development of musical skills and encouragement of teamwork.  BTCS hand chime ensemble, comprised of 5th & 6th graders,  helps to foster  the development of strong rhythmic skills, physical coordination, listening skills, and music-reading.  Participation also helps build confidence and self-esteem while learning to work together.  Hand chimes choir requires the students to learn as individuals and together to make music.



Private piano and voice lessons are offered to students during the school day.  

Students must be independent readers to begin piano lessons with regular access to a piano to fulfill practice requirements.

Voice lesson students must be in 4th Grade or above.

Pre-Piano classes are offered to 2nd semester K5 & 1st Grade students, taught in groups of two.

Trombone & Flute Lessons

*4th Grade & older



Grandmaster Daniel Coblentz, 

World 8th Degree Black Belt

2nd - 6th Grade students learn traditional martial arts to help improve balance, focus, and self-control. 

 The basic elements of Taekwondo "forms" reinforce the idea of combinations, the glow of sparring, and board breaking reinforces the techniques of strikes learned.

Music Lesson Application

Please complete for any student taking Music Lessons at Burge Terrace Christian School.

Lesson Teachers

Mark Allamon - Trumpet

Sherry Hill - Piano

John Pate - Trombone

Linda Rejko - Flute

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